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Under his alias Zenith, internationally acclaimed actor Matthias Schoenaerts has been active as a muralist for three decades. His unwavering passion for creating an impact through art has resulted in eye-catching murals across the world.

Paola Delfin


Paola was born in Mexico City. Her work is mainly influenced by human anatomy, especially the female form. It explores the different stages and emotions a human being can live and feel.

Jabi Corte


Pamplona born Jabi Landa ‘Corte’ is a multidisciplinary artist. He blends graphic design, graffiti and fine arts.

Federica Furbelli


Born in Italy but graduated in Fine Arts at the La Laguna University in Tenerife (Spain) where she now works and resides. Federica works adorn walls in different international mural projects.

Irene Lopez Leon


Irene Lopez Leon is a Barcelona native from L’Hospitalet who paints ‘imperfect, surrealistic landscapes to warp perception, on any surface she can find’. Irene showcases exotic animal life and punch color palettes.

Alexander Maksiov


Alexander Maksiov is a pioneer street artist from Ukraine. He studied painting at the Odessa Art College until 2000 and continued education at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Kiev and and got a master’s degree on the specialty of Restoration of Canvas oil paintings in 2007.