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Miss Me Canada
Sckaro France
Zenk One Netherlands
Milu Correch Argentina
Julia Volchkova Russian Federation

Miss Me


‘The Artful Vandal’, that’s how Miss Me describes herself. The artist from Montreal (Canada) holds a mirror up to society and fears no subject. She uses sexually explicit imagery to touch upon her own struggles with race, gender, class and society.



Oscar Maslard, better known as Sckaro is an urban artist educated in Le Havre, France. With a father who is a graphic designer and photographer, Sckaro has been attracted to drawing and the graphic arts. He often paints side by side with his brother Ratur.

Zenk One


The versatile Zenk One (Robin Nas) creates murals, paintings, illustrations and other graphic outings. In 2005 he started is own design studio in his hometown Breda.

Charlotte De Cock


Charlotte De Cock is a multidisciplinary creative based in Antwerp. She is a painter, DJ, musician, and video- and documentary-maker who can look back on a ten-year career brimming with highlights.

Francisco Bosoletti


Born and raised in Armstrong, a small village in Santa Fe province, recapitulation of the world in its own way, the Argentine Francisco Bosoletti is provided with a limpid and primigenial gaze on life, nature and humanity.

Milu Correch


Born in 1991 in Buenos Aires, Milu Correch, a young painter and illustrator, decided to take a workshop after seeing a beautiful mural in her city. The workshop was led by Lean Frizzera and Emy Mariani, familiar faces in the street art scenes of the Argentinean capital.

Julia Volchkova

Russian Federation

Julia Volchkova was born in Siberia and started drawing from an early age. She went on to undertake a professional art education, specialising in anatomy and portraits. She graduated from art school in 2010.