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Bik Ismo Puerto Rico
Hyuro Argentina
Joram Roukes Netherlands
Mantra France

Adele Renault


Adele Renault is a Belgian artist based in The Netherlands. She grew up on a farm in the Belgian Ardennes, where her family encouraged her to travel the world on her own. During her travels she studied visual arts.

Bik Ismo

Puerto Rico

Joshua Santos Rivera better known as Bik Ismo, is an urban graffiti artist from from Arecibo, Puerto Rico. With a 22 year career on the streets Bik Ismo has rendered international recognition.



Hyuro is an Argentinian urban artist. She currently lives and works in Valencia, Spain. Hyuro is known for her black and white murals, paintings and drawings.

Joram Roukes


Born in 1983 in a small city in The Netherlands, Joram Roukes earned his BFA in fine arts at the Minerva Academy of Arts in Groningen in 2006. In 2008 Roukes was awarded a stipend from Mondriaanfonds, which he used to set up an artist residency in Brooklyn, New York City.



Youri Cansell aka Mantra grew up between the city’s noise and the whispers of the forest in Metz in France. He is a self tought painter, active in the graffiti scene since 2008.

Mohamed L’Ghacham


Born in Tangier, Morocco, Mohamed L’Ghacham is a painter and muralist from Mataró, Barcelona. He discovered the world of graffiti during his school days and years later he became attracted by the most classic painters and the language they use.