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HOXXOH United States
PHLEGM United Kingdom
ASTRO France
TELMO MIEL Netherlands
JARUS Canada
SMATES Belgium


United States

Miami-based artist Douglas Hoekzema, known as Hoxxoh, creates these incredibly beautiful kaleidoscopic murals. He turns walls into hypnotizing murals by layering colored continuous figures.


United Kingdom

He describes himself as ‘I draw comics and zines and I spray paint on walls. Simple.” Phlegm is a multi-talented artist. The Welshman, who lives in Sheffield, combines all his talents in his murals.



Astro made his first works on the edge of Paris. These days you can admire works by the French street artist all over the world. Calligraphy and geometry are found in Astro’s murals. Flat forms become dynamic.



Lots of colour, a dose of humour, an eye for detail, a dash of romance: all of the above typify the work of the Dutch duo Telmo Miel (Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann). Every mural, illustration or painting is the best of both their worlds.



The young Canadian Emmanuel Jarus is inspired by the people he meets and the beauty that he experiences while on the road. He lives a nomadic life in function of the art that he creates. With a precision that appeals to the great painting masters, he portrays the people he meets on location.



Huge, homegrown talent. Smates – the stage name of Bart Smeets from Mechelen – already has a good reputation here in Belgium and is starting to gain recognition abroad. His quasi photorealistic walls enliven their surroundings.