Sixth edition of North West Walls brings very best of street art to Werchter

Rock Werchter promises again to be an unforgettable experience this year. As ever, the festival presents an amazing line up. And the big names keep coming for the street art festival, North West Walls, too. For NWW#6, curator Arne Quinze has invited seven top artists from around the globe. A few days ago, the metres-high walls of the container structure were painted over in a neutral colour, erasing last year’s artworks. In the weeks to come the walls will be reinvigorated by Sckaro (France), Zenk One (the Netherlands), Milu Correch (Argentina), Julia Volchkova (Russia), Francisco Bosoletti (Argentina), Charlotte De Cock (Belgium) and Miss Me (Canada). The art can be enjoyed in the Festival Park for a year after Rock Werchter begins. Visitors to Werchter Boutique, which takes place on Saturday 8 June, will get a sneak preview of NWW#6.