Say hello to NWW15!

The North West Walls have been a striking feature of the Festival Park since last summer. Rock Werchter has shown that art has its place at a festival and that it works. North West Walls has lent the festival fabulous artistic allure. As art projects go, this is a highly ambitious one. North West Walls is a mark on the landscape that can be admired long after the festival period has ended. It is a permanent installation. But then again it is not. Because it looks different every year. Under the curatorship of Arne Quinze, the North West Walls are brought to life by a new set of street artists every year.
The pieces of art that have adorned the containers since the summer of ’14 were given a neutral coat of paint last month. This week, the artists for North West Walls 2015 started working. Arne Quinze has again invited six massive talents: Fintan Magee (Australia), Nychos (Austria), Lula Goce (Spain), Pixel Pancho (Italy), Gamma Acosta (United States) and SmugOne (Australia/Scotland). The street artists will be doing their thing this week and in the weeks to come. The new pieces of art can be admired in the Festival Park for a year as from Rock Werchter 2015.