Bezt Etam, born in 1987 in Turek, Poland, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, where he started collaborating with Sainer and formed Etam Cru. Bezt and Sainer are both successful commercial artists and freelance designers, but it is their graffiti work that has taken Europe by storm. Bezt’s style is informed by graffiti aesthetics. He pays particular attention to the illustrations of fantasy characters and portraits of people, hyper-realism meets imaginary fantastic. Inspired by Rockwell, Leyendecker, Klimt, Mucha, Coll and many others, Bezt states that “Like life, you never know what the next day will bring. Sometimes I change my painting in the middle of the process because I get inspired by something, and I start to look at a painting in a different way.”


Bezt Etam, part of the Polish graffiti artist collective known as Etam Cru, paints sky-scraping murals of real people. People he meets on the street or faces he looks for on the Internet. Unsung heroes who tell complex stories in just one power pose. His works can be found in his home country Poland, but also in Portugal, Bulgaria, Germany, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, United States and many more.

Bezt Etam


Bezt Etam creates large scale murals of surreal scenes heavily charged with Eastern European folklore, mysticism, fantasy, animated movies and witty humor.