Valencia Spain born artist Deih, “I draw, I breathe”, has been paiting graffiti since 1995. He works as an illustrator and animator, creates comics and video work, but mostly lives for painting murals in the streets. Deih is part of two crews: xlf and rhb. The charisma in Deih’s art seems to be the motion he manages to bring out from his comic inspired characters. He continues to evolve his style. As an artist he likes to explore a universe of strangeness where rarity is appreciated. He is “fascinated by the strangeness of life,” which is conveyed in his curious figures.


Deih’s sources of inspiration are numerous: all sorts of media, music he listens to, books and comics on quantic mechanics, philosophy, thrillers, artists he follows. He adores Japanese imagery, their symbols, their stories full of accidents and catastrophe. But also, the dark and unknown side of our existence, any kind of science fiction, the cyberpunk, the steam punk. Deih is an avid hip-hop fan and freestyles with his Stalker group. His works have been seen on streets and in museums and galleries in Spain, Mexico, USA, Iceland, Norway, Turkey, Cape Verde, and many more places.



Popular Spanish artist who produces impressive murals with sharp, illustrations. His signature pieces show comic-like characters emerging from a galaxy.