Case, aka Andreas Von Chrzanowski (1979) and founding member of the pioneering photo-realistic graffiti art collective known as Ma’Claim Crew, is a renowned graffiti artist, born and raised in East Germany and currently based in Frankfurt. Case achieved his Diploma in Art Restoration and Conservation from Erfurt University Of Applied Sciences and began painting in the mid 1990’s and quickly gained attention for his breathtaking images. He focuses on the body which he abstracts from its human origin to give way for narrative, monstrous, animalistic or mythic elements.


Case Ma’claim has been a photorealism street art pioneer for over two decades, primarily using the medium of spray paint to embrace the power of movement through the universality of hands, a recurring theme in his work. Having travelled to over 20 countries Case Ma’claim has literally left his fingerprints in each, continually leaving bits and pieces of a language understood by all – after all a hand gesture can tell a thousand words.

Case Ma’claim


Case uses the medium of spray cans to make photorealistic images of body forms and portraits, since 1995. Case’s artistry usually includes people or the human body.